Sunday, June 25, 2017

Last week with President Bowler

Tough times.
                                               The floor was wet. lol


What a week! 
It all started with our trip to South (again) on Monday! Which of course was alot of fun.

 We stayed with the Zone Leaders of Porvenir, which is where Elder Guerra is right now! So that was nice being able to catch up with him again. We had our Zone Conference on Tuesday and it was awesome!! Everybody liked it! 

Missionaries from the City and the South

We had everyone participate in this zone conference so everyone was happy with that. We made this really awesome video that had some people in tears! Then after the conference was over, we left as soon as possible back to the city! We left at 2:30pm. Early enough right? So we thought... we ended up getting back to the city at 10:00pm. Yeah... there was alott of traffic and rain and road construction! But of course we just made the trip as fun as possible! We got there that night and Sister Bowler calls us and asked if we made it okay, and then says go ahead and eat dinner we´ll take care of it! So we had a nice meal at Dennys! :) 

On Friday we had our Zone Conference in the city! The name of class was ´Enseñar Como Jesucristo´. 
We tried to help the missionaries teach the way our savior did. We gave them alot of cool examples, we shared a couple clever techniques we knew that has helped us teach people, and stuff like that. More than anything just so that we as missionaries dont sound like robots. Instead, we sound like representatives of Jesus Christ, and actually listen to our investigators and care for them. Teach them what theyneed to hear. 
It was alot of fun, because like I said before we had everyone participate and share their personal techniques that they use. We had this one section that we talked about how to Eliminate Distractions. So we took this fake picture of us teaching and had them find the problems and how to fix it. 

                            ( This is the picture that we used as an example on how to eliminate distractions.)
Its really nice to hear after the conference that people really liked the conference! You guys cannot imagine how busy we are during these days. More than anything getting ready for the new mission president coming and the all of the classes that we have to prepare on top of that!
We dont get much time in our area anymore, but thats how it is here. This week we should be going to the temple.
 This week will also be the last week that we will be President and Hermana Bowler! The whole mission already said their goodbyes but we dont until this weekend when we recieve our new mission president. 
He will be landing here on Saturday! We are really excited for this new adventure but we are a little sad about the Bowlers leaving, im sure we will see each other after the mission though.
 We are super excited for this week!!

                                                                     President and Hermana Bowler.

We played soccer and basketball for PDay with the office this morning!

People taking a stroll of their horses, random horses on the road, people bathing in the waterfall on the side of the road. This is all normal here.

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