Monday, June 5, 2017

Last minute change of plans!

Our office car! 2018 Nissan Frontier, I feel pretty spoiled not gonna lie!


Well this has been a great week. A crazy week. More than anything there was one major event to write about this week. Everything else was pretty normal. We found a bunch of awesome new investigators! On thursday we actually found 10 new investigators in that one day (two positive families). So not bad right? We´ve been having a bunch of family home evenings with the members to get their trust and references. We are realizing that there alott of members here because we havent had a family home evening with the same family twice yet! So thats good. They are starting to cooperate with us now! :) So anyway. The change that we are in right now is a little strange because it is just a 3 week change. The first week is the changes week. The second week is getting ready for the Liders Council Conference for the 3rd week. And the third week, that conference and the changes meeting. Everything was well planned out. (If you know me you´d know that I like to have things planned out ahead of time just so that everything comes out perfect, so right happy) But guess what? Last minute changes! Last sunday we were out working waiting for an investigator to come to church to teach there and I recieve a phone call from our mission president, saying that there is a change in the schedule! He said that the Consejo conference will be changed. It will not be next week will be on 31st. And I tell him ´but President, there isnt 31 days in June...´ And he says ´I know, it will be in 3 days. The 31st of May. Why? Because I just recieved the news that we are going to have a special visit from Elder Renlund, one of the 12 apostles on the 7th of June!´ What?!?! So we definately freaked out! So yeah an apostle is going to visit our mision and the Comayagüela mision! Theyre coming here to the chapel where our office is! So we had to get to work! We were going to use this week to work on the Consejo de Lideres conference for the next week, but now, we have about 2 days to set everythinnnng up! The most important part is our class, we always have to teach classes to the leaders of the mission to help them be better. Setting up a class like that in two days isnt easy, trust me. But, we recently had an experience where we realized that we would be fine. A couple days ago we were pondering and thinking about what to teach in that class, there are obviously alot of options that we can choose from because we can choose from anything! It could be about the importantance of the key indicators, working with members, planning, obedience,etc. But there was a certain topic that was really stuck in my head. It was on leadership. The importance of being a good leader. Something like that. I spoke to my companion about it and he agreed, we would keep pondering it and we´ll see how we feel on the week that we start working on it for real. (I think this was on a friday.) And then Sunday we had Stake Conference! One of the reasons was because they are going to split the stake soon, its going to be the Villa Olimpica Stake! And also we had the visit of one of the seventy! Elder Moroni Perez. It was awesome! All of the talks were amazing, but there were two talks that really struck us. Our mission president´s and the seventy´s talk. Our president talked about when he was first called to be a bishop, how of course it was hard for him to think that he can be a bishop, but he realized that he really had to magnify his calling. Elder Perez talked about being called of God and becoming a leader. It was crazy! During the talk, my companion and I just kind of look at each other and say, Wooow! It was like they were speaking straight to us! We definately felt that it was like a comfirmation that is what the Lord wants us to teach to the mission. So we spent pretty much all day monday and tuesday working on this and we are really proud of that class! We really like it, and from what the misionaries told us, they said it was one of the best Consejos that theyve been to! :) The theme of the conference was ¨Esfuérzate y sé valiente¨, based on the 6th, 7th, 9th, and 18th scripture in the 1st chapter of Josué. I love teaching in conferences! The other missionaries that we assigned to teach did an amazing job as well! Thanks to the help of the Lord everything came out great! So now we need to set everything up for the conference that we are going to have with Elder Dale G. Renlund this Wednesday!

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