Saturday, June 17, 2017

Back to the South!

Another crazy week...
So we have a lot on our plate right now, or plato, as they say down here. And its been very hard to manage everything im not gonna lie!! haha but man its fun!
 So I´ll just start with monday. Monday we are in the office like usual, meetings with our president and doing our office work. We are there all day mostly working on the classes that we have to give to the mission soon. 
Then Sunday morning we get up and pick up the new missionaries from the airport! We only had about 4 new missionaries this time, but theyre pretty cool! Two from the states (One from AZ) and one from Nicaragua and El Salvador. So we had to take care of them.

 on Tuesday, we showed them around Teguz and took them out to eat at a Mongolian Restuarant. Make sense right? Their first day in Honduras they eat food from another country. Well at least they liked it! haha 
Wednesday was the changes meeting. We had to teach the new missionaries and the trainers which was alot of fun. Then after that we had to make sure everyone gets their new companion, gets their things, and leave back to their areas. During this time, I had the chance to say good bye to one fo the best people ive met in my life. One of them being Elder Garry from Washington. Im sure you guys remember him from when we were together in DanlĂ­! I cannot believe he is already home! It was honestly really, really sad. But thats how the mission is!
I ill miss you Dude!!!

Elder Pickron, going home back to Mesa Arizona!

 Then after working in the office for the rest of the day we finally went back to our own home. We get home at about 9pm and we are so exhausted and still havent eaten dinner. So we go upstairs to our neighbor to borrow a pot to make dinner, when we come back down we have two missed calls from President. We knew obviously sometyhing wasnt right. And guess what? EMERGENCY CHANGES... again! So we had to meet with him and figue out where everyone is going and which areas we are going to close. We had some missionaries finally get their visas so that they can go serve in the mission they were assigned to, so thats why we had these changes at the last moment. So on Thursday we pack our things and head to the South! We had to go pick up some sister missionaries and take them to their new area. The trip was honestly alot of fun! We took the beast! (The truck) and were on our way! Its rainy season now so the south went from being hot and dead, to hot and green! Its so beautiful!! We took a bunch of pictures of how awesome it looks! 
We had a blast. 

It was quite a trip to San Lorenzo. But theres nothing that this truck cant do! haha 
we stopped by the nearby beach and I stuck my hand in there and it is BURNING HOT! Its hot water that you shower with! Thats how hot it is here! Its insane! haha 
And we saw some guys fishing... without fishing poles. It was really interesting watching them fish just with the fishing string and their hands!

We stayed the night with the Zone Leaders of San Lorenzo in the south.

 On Friday morning we picked up the sisters and came back to the city, but then we had to keep driving all of the way to Valle de Angeles! So this took up pretty much our whole day. But then we finally finish and go to the office because President calls us in. As of right now we´re telling ourselves well, at least we still have a few more days to keep preparing for the zone conference coming up next wednesday. Our president tells us that there is a last minute change of plans and now the zone conference is now going to be on Tuesday. And because of the traffic we are going to drive down to the south again on Monday! What!?! Ahhhhh!!!! But thats alright! This all happens for a reason.
 We have been put here for a reason and everything will work out. We just need to do our part. That is definately something that I´ve learned on the mission. Everything will work out. This has been a crazy week with little sleep, and alot of stress, but there is no where I would like to be. I love it here. 

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