Monday, August 7, 2017

Last week as an Assitant!

Well, this coming week is going to be my last week as an Assistant here in the mission. 

Its been a blast! I´ve been here for 3 changes, my companion finishes his mission next change, so I can´t stay unless I want to stay for another 2 changes to train the next assistant that comes in... but... I really want to go back out in the field! Being in the office is very different! It has a its benefits!(alott of them!) But you deal with a lot of problems that an average missionary doesnt, and so its pretty hard after a while! But man, its been soo fun!

 This week was another adventure! We had August´s Consejo de Lideres. And we did it the new way again and everybody loved it! The cool thing is that it wasnt a new thing anymore, everybody was expecting it and so they arrived and were ready for business! We talked alottt about how we can improve! Do you remember the last class that we taught? About goals, and the importance of them and stuff like that. And we gave that Roger Bannister example of breaking the 4 minute mile and setting the new record? Well guess what?? WE SET A NEW RECORD for baptisms!!! So we are SUPER happy for the mission!! We skyrocketed!! And so we are going to try our best for them to keep on keeping on! Everybody loved in Consejo again because we gave them good food again! Its not pizza anymore! We know this member close to our area that cooks for the Marriot, and so we went to her house and she had us try her food! So we went with President and Sister Chase and their daughter thats here. The food was suppperrr good! 

The next day we traveled down to the South to do the interviews for the San Lorenzo and Choluteca zones. My last trip to the south! :´/ but it was fun! When we arrived to the city of Cholu we had an unexpected surprise, President Chase had us stay at a very fancy hotel with them! 

it was super nice! It was nice also because we arrived very late and it would have stunk trying to find a place to stay with elders that have enough beds. But the best part about it was that they had a very nice breakfast in the morning where they make you an omellett! They had a very nice pool too! Too bad we couldnt get in... just 3 more months! haha So this week will be our last week to work in our area, the week we make the changes for the mission with our Mission President, and the week I say goodbye to my families here...

Out of the subject, there I was yesterday, at a restaurant, going to the restroom, taking care of business, and then I look straight ahead and do you know what I see? The newspaper, and do you what it said?! Super amazing news!! Neymar is on my team!!! PSG!! What!! He is out of Barcelona and is now in Paris!! I am super excited for when I get home and see all of their games! Im not a guy that just hops on the bandwagon for the winning team, theyve always been my favorite! Anyway...thats what everyonnnne is talking about here! I can wear my PSG shirt with even more pride now! :)

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