Monday, July 31, 2017

21 Months!

While we were out there we stopped by the nearby beach... IT IS SO HOT!! Like you may know, Im from Arizona... so im not used to being at a beach. I had a lot of fun!

Well its been some crazy weeks and days. There is definitely a lot to write about, but I’m sorry I pretty much forgot most of it already. Things that barely happened two days feels like it happened last week. Let’s just say we´ve stayed busy. We still have to drive around pick every one up, and drive around with President to the different zones so that we can have our interviews classes. Its where all of the missionaries have interviews with the mission president. While they are getting interviewed, the zone leaders and us are teaching classes. We have taught the same class eight times now….so we are pretty tired of it, not gonna lie. But we made it really interesting, we have some activities that we do and tie it in to missionary work. We also did something really different, we actually recorded and edited some home videos. The videos are of Elder Torres and Elder Navarro (Secretaries in the office) that are examples of a typical missionary, and the point of the videos is to act like a missionary shouldn’t. They say and do things that we have seen and heard throughout our missions, but of course that we shouldn’t do. The mission has loved them! I cant wait for you to see them! Theyre really funny! For example, one of them goes some what like this:
Missionaries walking down the street and received a phone call.
Elder Navarro: Hola Hermano Pedro! Dígame.
Pedro: Hey Elderes! Que tal? Fíjese que tengo unos amigos que van a venir hoy a mi casa para un Noche De Hogar. Ellos tienen muchos deseos de aprender de la iglesia. Pueden venir a las 7?
Elder Navarro: Ok, déjeme preguntar a mi compañero.
El hermano pedro quiere hacer un Noche de Hogar en su casa con unos investigadores como a las 7. Vamos?.
Elder Torres: Hmm… Para que? Ya tenemos 10 nuevos investigadores este semana.
Elder Navarro: No se…
-Akward Silence…
Elder Torres: Bueno, hoy no tenemos cena. Posiblemente va haber comida…
Si, vamos!
Elder Navarro: Si Hermano Pedro! Vamos a llegar!

Im guessing that the video is funnier than reading it. But everyone loves the videos! Its funny watching them because they all say to one another ´Yeah that’s true,we do that´ haha! We are trying to help the missionaries be realistic with themselves and their leaders. A lot of times we think we have a lot of investigators, or a lot of people that will be baptized soon. But in reality, those 10 investigators with a baptismal date do not acutally have desires to get baptized soon, or at least not this year. We´ve seen that in our missions that when we think we have a lot of investigators, we tend to work less because no one is going to shave us for not having anthing this week. So we are helping them realize that they may think they have a lot, but they really don’t. So get to work. (That’s a little mean isn’t it? But it’s the truth. And we´ve seen some results already). Anyway, so we´ve been having to figure out a lot of emergency changes. Its very strange that recently there have been a lot of missionaries going home early for health reasons. Its very sad, we do everything we can to help them but there isn’t much that we can do. It is sad sending missionaries home. This morning we came to the office to drop off the vehicles so that we can get some errands nearby, and of course, we receive a phone call from our President saying “Hey! We have another situation, good thing you are already at the office, I am on my way and we need to figure our how we are going to cover some empty spots that we are going to have in the mission. Happy Pday!” But I´m not gonna lie, I know that I always say this, but its kind of fun always being On-Call, its spices up our days a little more! Haha.
Guess what? This week we did Zone Interviews with two zones, Guaymuras and Danli. And so after interviews are done, my companion and I usually split up and we do divisions with some areas. Well to help the missionaries the most that I can, I did divisions in Miraflores and El Paraíso so I can show them where all of our previous positive investigators live. Man, it was such a blast! During the divisions we would sometimes see some members there too. IT IS THE GREATEST FEELING EVER WHEN PEOPLE, MEMBERS/INVESTIGATORS/RADOM PEOPLE, REMEMBER YOU AFTER NOT SEEING YOU FOR MORE THAN A YEAR!! It made me ssssoooo happy!! I love these people SO much! As we were driving away, I was listening to a song that I really related to. Its one of my favorite songs!  You need to listen to it! Its called “A Call I Hear”. Especially because I officially have 21 months in the mission!

This is the FIRST family that I ever taught in my mission! This is the Mejia Family. I love them so much!!

This week, Miguelito went to Columbia for his mission! He is such an awesome guy! He is going to be a great missionary! I hope he doesnt forget all of the many times that we went our and worked! Just like I wont forget Elder Bryan and his companion (I forgot his name lol) but they really had a big impact on me before I left on the mission!) 

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