Tuesday, April 4, 2017

wasn't General Conference amazing!? The talks were incredible!

      Man, wasnt General Conference amazing!? The talks were incredible! 

This has been an incredible weekend!
 Why? Because it was General Conference! But we are in the District of Valle Verde.......The power frequently goes out, or there is no signal in the District Center. So our Mission President called us in the middle of last week and said, Well, round up your zone, and come up to Tegucigalpa and stay the night here so you guys can watch General Conference without any trouble. So of course, we were all really excited! And it all worked out perfectly! Saturday morning we went up to Teguz and we were assigned to go to the Esperanza building. There we had a little room for the gringos haha so we can watch Conference in english. But then guess what? People from the Church were there and were recording us for some MTC videos for other missionaries. So that was pretty fun! Were´nt the Conference talks just incredible?! I loved them soo much! It was so much fun! We went and ate at Pizza Hut after and it was funny because there are alot of missionaries in our zone that have never been to Teguz and they were really surprised that they make real american food here! haha  And then we stayed with the office elders in the mission house. The plan was to go back home after the first sesson on Sunday, so that we can make it back home in time, its like a 2 hour drive, but after the first sesson we realized that the buses will not go back to the villa until 5. So we said, well, we can go to to the church right by the bus terminal and watch the last session and then leave. So we went to the Kennedy building watch it there. Then we went home and everything was awesome!
But, this weekend was really meaningful to me more than just because of conference! If you guys remember, I used to be here in Tegucigalpa. It was my first area and my second area. In Miraflores and La Villa Olimpica. And in BOTH areas I got emergency changes out of there. So I never got to say goodbye to some important members. And guess what? Everything always works out!!!!! Guess why? Because more than a year after those changes, I finally got to see them again! When we went to the Esperanza building, It just so happened to be that the in the Villa Olimpica they lost their power, so they came to this building to watch it! So I got to see all of the Villa´s families! And you know what, it feels so amazing when members that you havent seen in a year barely glance at you and then they instantly remember you and have a smile on their face! It was awesome!! While I was in the Villa, one of my favorite families was the Stake presidents family. But when I got changes they went to Costa Rica so I never got to say goodbye! So it was so nice to be able to say goodbye and to the other members there as well! (They are going to go El Salvador soon because he got called to be a mission president there! But wait theres more!! When we were at the bus terminal we decided to go to that church building right next to there, of course all of La Kennedy´s members were there, but you know what?! It just soo happened to be that some Miraflores members were there too!!!! WHAT?!!? Especially one person in particular! Jose Luis Molina. This guy was my ward mission leader there along with Freddy Suazo (Who I ran into on the last temple trip) Jose Luis is a returned missionary from Belice English Speaking. This guy has always been my hero! Like for real he is literally my brother!! He always took care of us and helped us so much! And I never got to say goodbye because of emergency changes. But of course, everything always works out, and we were reunited.
 I didnt even recognize some of the members but they recognized me!!
 Man, what a weekend! :)

Check this out, one day we were walking down a street in La Villa and, like always, we see a bunch of houses that sell Ropa Americana, but this particular house really caught my attention... do you see why?

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