Friday, April 21, 2017

Big News!

Well, this is probably going to be the best blog post ever written in the history of history. I do not know where to start.
 But I´ll try my best!
  1. First of all, we´ve seen some success in La Villa de San Fransisco! We´ve been working super hard to try to get some of the inactives to come back, which of course has not been easy. But we finally saw some fruits! Ill share my favorite one that just happened last night. Well we´ve been visiting this inactive named Sonalí, shes pretty cool. She is like in her 50s. She has been to the temple and everything. Been she went inactive because she listened to the District President´s son, who has his own church here and told her a bunch of lies. So throughtout thetime we´ve been visiting her we taught her everything we know, testistfy with all of our heart that this is the true church. After a while, she felt it. We know this because when we visited her yesterday we watch the Restoration movie with her and at the end, she had tears in her eyes. And she said, Well I feel like I should do something. The other day I was thinking to go talk with my pastor and tell him that I am going to return to my church. And I told her,´but you do not what he is going to tell you right?´ and she said, ´Yes I know, he will give me alot of reasons on why to stay there. but I cant waste anymore time. I cannot just leave either, I want to leave but the same that the members of the church always cared for me even when I assisted this church, I want to follow the same example and leave thiss church but with a good relationship with them.´ We were shocked! I really felt that her idea was revelation to her especifically because we never thought of that. We know that she is definately going to be an amazing member and leader in the church, along with her family!
  2. As we´ve been working with the less active and inactive members we helped this other family come back to church! A family of 5! All because this teenager wanted to get baptized! Sharon found us and she told us, we visited her and her family and then about a month later, splash! They´re adesome! So we had a really spiritual baptismal service this past saturday. Last year there was only one baptism, and I am happy that we started this year off right with our first baptism! The branch was realluy happy and supported us.
  3. I had to go to Migration again and renew my citizenship thing to be here in Honduras. I told the front office chick that I wanted to stay here in Honduras so I think that really sped things up with the paperwork! haha We went to go eat at Johnny Rockets (#tradition)! It was super good! Everytime I go it gets me baggy and I miss the state´s burgers! Sooon.....
  4. So there are changes! I am leaving La Villa de San Fransisco. I am not going to lie I am little sad and a little happy. I am a pueblo type of guy and I am going to miss this place. But another part of me says, no your not! haha This zone is awesome though! We really did bond alot and have good chemistry within us. We were on the informativo of the month with the zone that most baptized in the month. Being one of the smallest and difficult zone in the all Honduras...jk, just this mission! haha so we were all super happy! I am going to go an area in Tegucigalpa! I am going to be in an area called La 30 de Julio. It is literally directly behind La Villa Olimpica!!! Woohoo! 
  5. Elder Guerra, my kid, just finished training his kid. and he now has 6 months. And guess what? He is going to be Zone Leader in the best zone in the south!!! He is one of the youngest ZLs ever!
  6. Elder Alvarado, my grandkid, just finished his training in El Paraíso, and now he is going to be District Leader and training! at only 3 months! I´m going to have a great-grandkid! What?!
  7. Elder Madero, is going to be the new President´s Assistant.
  8. Check out this coco! Its coco time and it is super delicious! 

 This is my Mamá and the family. (Except for the branch President Liniker, hes in Cortez right now)

Sorry the pictures are late. I cant upload the pictures through the chapel´s internet...too slow
This is when we went to Johnny Rockets! 

This is the Valle Verde zone. 
We really got into solving the Rubik´s cube, thats all that we do when we are together!haha seeing who can do it faster.
ts sad saying goodbye to these awesome guys!

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