Sunday, April 23, 2017

New Assignement!

The Madero Generation!

                                                                                -Elder Madero (AP)
                                                                                -Elder Guerra (ZL)
                                                                                -Elder Alvarado (DL)
                                                                                -Elder Rowe

My new assignment, im not gonna lie, is pretty awesome. We work alot with our mission president! I now have alot more responsibility than what I usually do. This coming week we are going to have two zone conferences in which we have to teach the whole mission! I always admired the AP´s classes throughout my mission and I am really excited to give back to the mission now! You know what the best part of this assignment is? My new companion is literally one of my bestest friends of my mission. Ever since I started my mission I became friends with Elder Akubeze from England. And now, we are companions! We are literally always having the greatest time ever! The area that I am in now is called La 30 de Julio, it is literally directly behind the Villa Olimpica! So this area is pretty awesome too! Im back in a strong ward! (Its about time!haha) The ward members are pretty sweet! Our area is pretty dangerous (so they say) nothing too bad yet from what Ive seen. It is a really big change though, compared to my last area. I´ll share an experience from my second day in this area. We were out contacting and my companion was showing me around, we go to a house and guess what? When we went inside and I introduced myself and everything, and they were really nice. And she said that she could not attend us because she was cooking, and then she invited us to eat! She was making fried fish! I love fried fish!! So she said to come back in an hour and she will make us lunch. When we left I asked my companion, who she a member? He says Nope! I ask, Is she an investigator? Nope! Shes the wife of the investigator, someone that we only taught once! What?!?! That did not happen once in La Villa de SF! haha so I was honestly really surprised to get a free lunch from people who are not even members! Thats when I knew, I am in a good area! :) Its so wierd because alot of the members here and actually willing to help us! They come out and visit people with us!! what?! haha Well I dont want to write too much so that I will have something to write for next week, but I want to share two cool experiences. 
1. The first happened a few days ago when we were on our way to an appointment and then as we were walking I see an older lady, and then I think....wait, I know her. But I do not know who or where she is from......... It drove me insane! But then, it hit me!! She is Angela!!! The invesitgator from LA Villa de SF that we found in the Carpeta de Area! I totally forgot that the previous APs were teaching her and that now I am here! I completely forgot! So I ran over and talked to her and she says that she is now not only visiting here, but now she living here!!! What!?! Awesome!!
2. This experience was honestly one of those mission impacting stories, it was incredible. So last week we were contacting, and right by the area of the Villa Olimpica, but on our side, we find some inactive members. So we got inside their house. Which was a one room house with a whole family living there. They are 5 total. They were really nice. They were all baptized except for the dad and the daughter. We asked why they stopped going to church and they said that they just felt disanimated and stopped. They started going to another church. The dad even told me that he is now a pastor! Honestly, we were happy, at least they still had Christ in their hearts right? We talked to the members of the family how long ago since they were baptized and then we go through that whole story and then we ask why the dad didnt get baptized. The dad tells us that he was recieving the missionaries for a long time and went to church alot! He really liked it. But he wasnt fully convinced. So the day of the baptism came, and he didnt feel ready and he decided that well, he had to lie so they he doesnt get baptized that day. He looked up online excused on why not to get baptized and then he decided to say that he killed someone recently and that he wasnt worthy!! What!? Woh goes to that extreme?! So of course, it wasnt true. Well anyway, this family wasnt positive at all. The members had zero desire to come back to church, and the daughter and the dad had no interest because they already go to another church and everything. But the dad did say, he guys can come back whenever you want, you are always welcome. We put an appointment a few days back and that day it was raining like crazy and too late, we couldnt make it. So last night we were in that area, and we decided to see how they are doing. This time, only the dad and the daughter were there. We werent that excited to visit them honestly. But we felt that we should visit them. We go into this one room house and we start the lesson. We try to gain his confidence and in time he starts to trust us a little more. I dont want to go over exactly what we said but we mostly focused on the scriptures Matthew 4:18-22. We focused on Following Christ in general. We focuse on just testifying that JesusChrist lives and loves us, and we let the Spirit do the rest. and Wow! He immediately started crying. A grown man starts crying right in front of us and tell us everything. He tells how much of a hard time that he is going through right now and that he has been praying to God to know the truth. Yes, he is going to a church right now, but he doesnt feel right. He feels like something is missing. He tells that he feels better singing the hymns that we sang with him in the beginning of that lesson (All Is Well) compared to how he feels in his church. He continued talking about that he really thinks that we have been sent to his house in this very time in his life. For the second time. He recognized that the first time that the missionaries visited him was an opportunity to learn the truth, but he rejected it. And he feels bad and he told us that he truly wants to learn the truth. He wants to learn the correct way to serve God. And then he bring out his Bible and says, please help me understand this chapter in 1 Corintios Chapter 7 about marraige. What he couldnt understand is why in the churches that he has been to they do not emphazise Families. We helped him understand that he is correct. Every religion should tesifity of Christ, and help families be together forever. We gave him the Plan of Salvation booklet and he noticed that on the cover was JesusChrist, and on the first two pages was pictures of happy families. Once again, he gets into tears. He tells that recently, weeks before our first visit. While working in San Pedro Sula, he has been having the desire to be part of the true church. And he told us straight up, Ive been thinking, and ive came to the conclusion that I know that the church of Latter Day Saints is the true church. 
It was truly a miracle. 

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