Tuesday, February 28, 2017

No Branch President!

Well, to start.. you need to realize how difficult this branch is! haha I love it, but its not easy. 
The members are not pilas at all. There is only about two families that really go to church. The branch president´s family(Mamá) and the District President´s family. We try the best we can every week to help the members get to church, or at least have a real testimony, but its not easy. But our Branch President always did a great job of maintaining order and control in the branch. But guess what? He left! He has to go do a church course in San Pedro Sula, so he just kind of said: Peace Out! And we´re just here like... what?! your going to leave us! So we are in charge of this branch now. We have to direct the services, and well, do everything. Like... everything! But its cool! Its a new adventure!
We had 3 investigators at church! (That doesnt sound like much, I know...in reality its not, but in this area, its alot!) We had one investigator that we are helping get married and helping him with his addictions. We also brought a family!!! Mom and dad, and the kids! SUPER POSITIVE! You know they are positive when they invite you over for homemade baleadas as well! ;) Our investigators are doing great!We´ve been working super hard and its all paing off! Elder Harris and I get along soo well! He is definately one of my best companions! We are always having such a  great time! But guess what...Changes!
I cant believe its been 6 weeks together already! And well, we had interviews with our mission president this week and wow, he is honestly really happy for the work that we have done here in this area and in the zone! President needs my companion to help another zone in Choluteca and is leaving me in charge of Valle Verde! This is barely my first change here!! haha but thats alright! My new companion will be Elder Poquioma from Perú! We have... different personalities. We´ll see how it will work out! I am going to do my best to make the best out of it! I hope he is ready to take on alott of responsibility especially now that there is no branch president! haha We have to make sure our investigators keep progressing as well as keep visiting the member so that they actually keep going to church!! 

This is our little gym that we have in our house! We have THE mission´s American flag, the gringo leader companionship are always in charge for his flag. I´ve had it when I was with Elder Carter as well, but now I have to give to another companionship. Elder Harris and I always used the TRX straps, theyre super awesome and always give us a really good workout!

There really isnt much to do here in Valle Verde, so for Pdays, Elder Harris and I go to the restaurant in front of our house and order some baleadas, and have the best chess games ever! We usually get a crowd of people around and watch! haha (Thank you to the Stoutner family for the chess set! :)

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