Monday, February 13, 2017

Big changes in the mission!

This is our Branch President, Liniker. he is 24. He is so awesome! He is Mama´s son also, so we always see each other. He helps us out so much!

Well do you guys remember when I talked about that transmission hat we had from Salt Lake City? Well the whole mission, (and the world) got a bunch of new changes. Such as the Key Indicators, we dont have like 10 anymore, just 4 now! So thats different, but also the missionary schedule changed! We used to get up at 6:30 and do our exercises, now we wake up at 6! We used to leave to go out and work at 10:30, now we leave the house at 9! heres the best part... we used to go back home at we get back at 8:30! Woohoo! hahaha 
Well there isnt that much new this week, this week has actually been kind of hard on us. We´ve lost a bunch of investigators, but we´ve also found a bunch of new ones! They just kind of come and go here, but we really hold on to the positivie ones. I found out this week that while our President of the mission has been doing interviews with the other zones he´s been mentioning how much the Valle Verde zone has been changing for the better because of the excellent missionaries that are there! That made us feel awesome of course! And it just gave us more motivation to work, because, well im not going to lie it is really hard here. This is probably my hardest area. The people are really different. Not trying to be mean or anything, but it seems like the people here just cant learn. lol. The thing is that they think they know about God, but we ask them who they think God is and they have no response! But because they used to go to a church 20 years ago their hearts are closed and they dont want anything to do with any other religion. We are in a small branch, with only about 20 people that go to church. But its pretty much just 3 families haha! But, we are NOT going to give up! Sometimes, when challenges like these happen, I get really excited... because when I leave this area I know I will be able to say that I did my best to help this area and the branch, and see the results. This is just the beginning!

he cool thing about La Villa is that they have public pilas and water for everyone. The water comes about every 3 days and its never enough, so this little park is always filled with people washing their clothes and dishes, or bathing... lol

                                            Here in the Villa there are ALOT of cowboys riding horses and donkeys!

 Oh! And I totally forget to tell you guys about what happen when I went to the temple! (I just recieved the pictures thats why) But while we were at the temple last change I got to see Jim Fields!! He was working at the front desk and he was super happy to see me! (My family went to go visit them in Utah!) I obviously dont have a picture with him because he was working in the temple.  
When we  were about to leave, I heard someone yell Elder Madero!! And i look towards the parking lot and I see Hermano Suazo!! He was my ward mission leader in Miraflores!! He was soo awesome!! He cared soo much for us! And thats Hermana Vargas, she served in Miraflores as well, and thats some of the Danlí squad!

                                  The cool thing about La Villa is that they sell really good donuts for only 10 lempiras!! :D
We got to see some of the Danlí family at Zone Conference! :´) 

Since we make our own dinners every day, its kind of nice to be able to choose what i eat haha. And most of the time it is something like this. A typical plate back in the AZ house, un burrito de carne molida! :D

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