Saturday, February 25, 2017


Who owns Monkeys?!!! 
So,  we went into this one house and guess what?... It turns out that they have monkeys! What?! 
They were super awesome!

Well this has been a great week! Alot better than last week! Last week was a little hard on us because we worked incredibly hard but not find anyone too positive. But since last monday night nos pusimos las pilas and looked for people! And we have found some INCREDIBLE investigators! Thats about all thats new this week, so Ill talk a little about them.
So first of all, Angela. Like I said, we didnt have much success last week so we said, well, lets try something new. And so we decided to look in the Area Book. Its a book that every area has that is updated by missionaries. Thats where we register all of our investigators that we find, teach, or drop. Well we looked but there wasnt anyone too positive still. But we went way back to older registros and we found a few people and then we went out to look for them. We found most of them but most of them didnt really want anything anymore. But then... there was this certain investigator that took sooo long for us to find! We started in the morning. It took us down a road that we dont usually take to get to this certain area. But as we were going we were asking the people if they know her, and of course, they all gave us different addresses, so it was a little complicated. But we also took so much time finding her because as we asked the people for her, we would also contact them. And guess what, they were almost ALL really positive! It got to the point where we just wanted to find Angela for once and not get caugtht up teaching other people! hahaha just kidding! I know that these amazing people were put in our way for a reason. So that was awesome! So then, we finally show up to her front door. Her door is open and she is there sitting down. Of course she easily lets us in. She is an older lady and is really nice! Well we got to know her more and she tells us that the missionaries used to visit her alot, and she was to the point of being baptized! But then all of a sudden she had to live in Teguz for a while so they lost contact. Well guess what! We´re here now! She says that she truly believes in everything that we teach, and she accepted a baptismal date. But, the problem is that she goes to Teguz like every 15 days. But then we asked where is she living in Teguz, and shes ´por el San Miguel´! Well guess what? Thats the area of the APs fo the mission! And theyre super dope! So I talked to them and they are going to visit her and take her to church while she is in Teguz and while she is here we are going to teach her and teake her to church as well! Ahhhh! I love the mission!

We found this other investigator who we contacted and she was not positive at all. Like, at all. She was very catholic and was giving us those teasing remarks about our church. We knocked on her door and we said that we are representatives of Jesus Christ, and she said nooo, you guys cannot come in because your god is este Juan Smix! (We clarified that he is not our god, and his name is Joseph Smith!haha) But she saw that we didnt want to do any harma and she let us in. She wanted to know more about this Smix person and ´our bible´, we taught her about him and the Book of Mormon, and she changed COMPLETELY! We finished the lesson with her really wanting to read it and know the veracity of it! 
We found this other investigator that we felt that she really needed Christ and this gospel in her life. She has about 9 kids and is with an abusive husband! So we tried to help her understand who she is and that she has a purpose in her life and Wow! She changed completely as well. She really opened up to and she was really positive. We are really excited to see how these investigators progress this week! 
We´ve seen a lot of miracles this week! 

The dogs in Honduras think its cute to sleep in the middle of the road so they can almost get run over...

We got to hang out with Elder Garry and my sipote Elder Guerra today! We rode around in MotorTaxis, which are even scarier than regular taxis...

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