Thursday, October 8, 2015

The time is near...

     I have less than a month now until I leave now, so now there is lots of preparing to do, and this past week I accomplished alot. But what an overwhelming week! My parents and I planned a trip to Utah last week. The purpose was to get my missionary clothes at a very well known one-stop shop in Salt Lake City called Mr Mac's, as well as going to the SLC temple. We planned on going into the Phoenix Arizona Temple early Wednesday morning to get my endowements before going to Utah. What an incredible experience! Inside the temple is truly amazing and you can easily feel the spirit there, especially in the Celestrial room. I sure will not forget that morning in the temple! We headed to Utah right after lunch and ended up staying in St George for the night. Next morning we headed to Salt Lake to go to Mr Macs and get my missionary gear. Of course we ended up staying there for a couple hours due to the fact that I am very picky in what I wear lol. After many, many decesions later we finally finish and the worn out salesman tells us the price... wow, I had to decide at the moment if I really wanted to go or not. Just kidding, but it was an eye opener that I cant really back out now. Not that I would want to anyway! I am very excited. We stayed the nigtht at a nearby hotel in SLC and planned on going to the temple the next morning. Walking through temple square sure is a sight to see. There are alot of tourists walking around looking at all of the buildings, and asking a lot of questions such as what its inside the temple and why cant just anyone go in. At least some of them had a desire to go in which is good right?
     Going through the temple, especially as magnificent as this one, is truly amazing and beautiful. Sitting in the Celestrial room gives everyone a time of peace. Its a room inside the temple which is clean and peaceful compared to the world around us. You can really feel the spirit there and one of my first thoughts being there is that I wished to have more relatives and friends in the church so they can be with me there. I thought about my close friends imagining if they were there with me at that moment would have been even more amazing. To all of my friends and relatives reading this while I'm still here, please just give this gospel a chance, you will love it. Anyways, my passport is sent to the Travel Center and all of my missionary gear is bought. So now I'm just waiting to get a couple immunizations and then getting my airline tickets to Guatamala! I can't wait!

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